Employer Tutorial Chapter 10:

1. Getting creative: Finding new talent pipelines

Have you heard this one? Two men were on a dark city street walking to their car to drive home. One of the men, after discovering he had lost the car keys, began to search the ground under a nearby street light. The other man asked, "Why are you only searching there?" The other man replied, "Because this is where the light is."

What guides your decisions about where and how to look for candidates? Where do you search for candidates? How wide is the beam of your search light? Your ability to find new sources of candidates will become increasingly important to your business success in the years to come. If your net (and your assumptions about talent and who has it) is cast too narrowly, you risk being stung by the upcoming projected talent shortage.


2. View disability inclusiveness as a part of becoming an employer of choice

Your choice of who to recruit and why says a lot about you as an organization. You are sending a message to others about what you stand for as an organization by who you choose to include in your recruiting effort. Being an employer of choice will become more key to competitive advantage as we move into the future. Are you ready?


3. Consider mentoring and internship programs.

Mentoring and internship can be great ways to get acquainted with qualified candidates with disabilities in your organization. Many companies have benefited from first-hand experience with the talents and dedication of people with disabilities in the workforce. See the resources section of this tutorial for more information on how to get started.