Employer Tutorial Chapter 2:

1. Identify the hidden barriers to diversity and disability-inclusiveness.

The most significant barriers to disability inclusiveness in your organization may be those which are not immediately apparent. How does your organization measure or assess your diversity success? Finding measures which are relevant, penetrating and actionable might be the first step in creating sustainable disability inclusive strategies.


2. You are not alone. Find sustainable partners

There are many agencies in your community that can help you craft and sustain disability-inclusive workplace practices. Select these partners as you would select any other vendor or contractor. Do they meet your needs? Will they be flexible and available? Do they understand your business?


3. Getting the word out: disability inclusiveness is good for business.

After reading this tutorial, you will have a better understanding of the business case for having disability inclusive talent management practices. As you continue the work at your own organization, the key will be in finding a way to communicate the business case to other key players in your organization, such as manager and supervisors. Begin to think about how you might use communication channels in your organization to get the word out to others. Also, how might partners or collaborators you might meet in the workshop help you in this?