Veterans Toolkit
For Disability Service Providers Overview
Tool #1.  Heroes in our midst.

Tool 1

Heroes in our midst
About veterans with disabilities in the workplace

Tool #2.  About the Law.

Tool 2

About the Law
The employment laws that apply to veterans with disabilities Key points

Tool #3.  The human element.

Tool 3

The human element
Respectful interactions with veterans with disabilities

Tool #4.  Connecting with employers.

Tool 4

Connecting with employers
Building relationships to connect employers with veterans with disabilities

Tool #5. The disclosure decision

Tool 5

The disclosure decision
Supporting a veteran in making a choice that's right for them

Tool #6. About accommodations.

Tool 6

About accommodations
Finding and maintaining effective accommodations

Tool #7. Overview: Supports, resources & benefits

Tool 7

Overview: Supports, resources & benefits
A quick overview

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