Making Work Happen Online Toolkits


Making Work Happen Online Toolkits

People with disabilities bring a great deal to our workforce: Education, skills, adaptability, resilience and commitment. The Making Work Happen online tutorials aim to enhance the employment of people with disabilities by providing users with free, self-paced, on-demand learning experiences based on real-life issues and challenges around disability inclusiveness in the workplace. Each tutorial provides several learning options: General overviews, points from relevant research, self-assessments, true/false quizzes, print-n-go checklists and links for further resources.

Making Work Happen consists of two offerings.

Making Work Happen: General Employment
How can employers and disability service providers ensure that people with disabilities are fully included in the workplace? These two Toolkits (one for employers and one for disability service providers) focus on strategies for disability inclusiveness in employment.

Making Work Happen: Veterans with Disabilities Toolkit
How can we ensure that veterans with disabilities are welcomed in the workplace? These three Toolkits (one for employers, one for disability service providers and one for veterans themselves) provide strategies and practices for the full inclusion of veterans with disabilities in employment.